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BRO for short, Big Red Orga is the common term for the four Orga which are big, red and impossible to tell apart by appearance. All Big Red Orgas at least occasionally drop chests with coins inside.

Orga Furies are the weakest of the Big Red Orga. They can be found in almost all Orga-controlled areas, and become progressively more common as you travel further and further into their domain.

Orga Wraths are one step up from a Fury. They are found in Hatreds Hollow and beyond, and are significantly harder than a Fury.

Orga Frenzies are not much more difficult to dodge than a Wrath, but are harder to hit and hit much harder when they connect.

Orga Hatreds are by far the hardest of the BRO. They are extremely difficult to brick or to hit, and deal out devastating damage with each swing.

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