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A catapult-building female peasant who was kidnapped by the Orga along with the catapult. For some time she lived in a cave near the northwest mouth of the Foothills, and hoped to recover her catapult plans. She had several encounters with exploring groups of exiles (notably the Pogue Mahone and LIFE) and gave those who hoped to traverse the Foothills the gift of shovels with which to dig themselves out of landslides.

She explored to the east where she reports that the pathfinder Trillbane lived and maintained a library, and even farther to what she referred to as a fortress or city of Orga. Since her explorations, she reported that Arachnoids (referred to as "spidery things") took up residence in the caverns that housed Trillbane's library, and that the rocks throughout the Foothills had been shifting to a degree that they were very dangerous to travel through.

In late Autumn, 565, the Pitch Assault Group joined forces with the Exploration and Adventure Team to create an immense taskforce with which to strike deep into the Orga Stronghold. This combined group made it much farther into that most perilous of Orga territories than any had before, and discovered Katpus cowering in an isolated cavern, with a partially completed catapult and the unquenched desire to recover the rest of her plans.

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