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The Sun Dragon Clan (or the SDC for short) is the oldest clan in Puddleby, with a long and distinguished history, and many of its members are well known throughout the lands.

The clan has four main objectives:

  • To be diplomats to the Clan Lord world, especially to new arrivals.
  • To protect Puddleby and its inhabitants.
  • To contain the Orga, Darshak, and Undine threats.
  • To seek physical, spiritual, and mental knowledge of the world.

The clan is divided into four different "kinships," each of which is aimed at exiles with different interests. The Protector Kinship is aimed at SDC members who value strength and achievement, the Explorer Kinship is aimed at members who value discovery and exploration, and the Benevolent Kinship is for members who enjoy interacting with others. All members who have not chosen a kinship, or choose not to belong to one, are considered to be Disciples of the Sun.

Members of the SDC value the virtues of Helpfulness, Courtesy, Honor, Liberality, and Bravery.

The Sun Dragon Clan is a member clan of the Castle Alliance.

Currently active members include MrPudding, Beck, Blackhole, Cinnamon, Jeanne, Jive, Koraleva, Larno, Leonin, Lori, Merlisk, Moon Kitty, Panos, Perotin, Pink, Rock, Shiner, and Sielk.

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