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Laughing AcademyTM (LA) is a merry band of miscreants, misfits, and misidentities dedicated to humorous ways to fall, incessant punning, spamming Koppi, and other things the members find funny. LATM specializes in falling hunts and is well known for causing Puddleby's finest to go on impromptu rescues in vexing places. Anytime a single LATM member is present, it's a Laughing Academy HuntTM. At no one's request, LATM is currently taking tactical courses with UOP led by Sheriff Noivad the fearless. In addition to being or falling often, you can spot an LATM member by their distinctive Shadow-tastic Ramandu cloak designed by the namesake.

Clan Activities: a short not all-inclusive list

  • Spamming Koppi
  • Using the Sunstone for secret messages
  • Acting in Puddleby musicals and plays once they return
  • Distinctive clan yells
  • Getting lost on hunts unintended of course
  • Posing
  • Points game for falling the more hidden you are, the higher the points, bonus for getting left behind!
  • Nekked Days
  • Stumbling into very very bad places insert current list of bad places here.

How to Join!

The clan is very active and is accepting new members who can pass Pun'isher's grueling and horrible initiation. To catch the eye of LATM just go hunt with them and fall for points.


Agape?, Ausrine?, Baker's Man, BlackHand, Boo Boo Kitty, Dimsdale, Dragon Hawk, FrozenHam, Hoover, Inu Teisei, Jaryd, Kori the Illustrious Fen President for Life, Lulin the Dour Wench?, M'Inu's Berries?, Oof?, Pe'Ell, Pun'isher, Ramandu, Ratbane, Rickrad?, ShadowD, Smeester, Stinkfist the Grand Illustrious Pirate and hatcher of all nefarious, er cool plots, Tender Lumpling, Turlach?, York, and Algernon.

The complete list can be found on the clan's scrolls here.

Some former members include Arutha?, Finegas, Phen, Sanca, Super Chicken, and Tas.

Ancient History:

LATM usually hunts with members of a Snow Lemming clan who are frequently turned into fallen victims, or "honored guests" of LA hunts.

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