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Kojiro is a Human, is male, is a Champion, and is wearing the symbol of Kojiro.

Kojiro is also a clan whose only member is Kojiro. While membership is not actually closed, the requirements are very stringent--in order to join, one has to be Kojiro.

Prior to exile, Kojiro was a lazy aristocrat who enjoyed fine clothes, duelling and Thooms of the evening. He was shipped off to Lok'Groton after the drug charges began to pile up.

While not committed entirely to anything other than himself, he does maintain contacts with groups such as Falinea's Blade, the Zouclougeist Alliance, the Puddleby Navy, and various Thoom and Darshak underworld characters. He was scarred by an Orga lightning bolt and gets +5 to damage when fighting them. He is also an expert in kudzu arranging.

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