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The Order of Akara is a clan dating back to 349 BA, during which events took place that led to the founding by Ti'lan Akara. The Order focuses on exploration, mapping, and learning to work with others of the Order. Members bear a rose, as has been the custom since the day the Order was created.

In Puddleby, those who had been members on the mainland are given a chance to celebrate that membership without the fear of the Emperor. The Order of Akara is always open to those who agree with its ideals and wish to become a part of it.

The clan founders were Amberdrake (now in Hunter), K'vynn, Aneirin?, Rylantar?, and Alayn?. Other members of the Order of Akara include Hunk and Quinn.

Membership is open, but the entire clan must agree upon a new member before he/she is admitted. However, only a few members are currently active.

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