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(This article refers to the clan Hunter. For the exile, see Hunter.)

Hunter, short for Hunters of Orion, is one of the oldest clans in Puddleby.

It is dedicated to good hunting, exploration, and the defense of Puddleby.

Hunter strives to be a good example to all others in the lands by supporting exiles in the above activities, building up their skills, and finally, gathering wealth and experience from the dangers in the lands.

Hunter was the first coordinated gatherer of colored stones when they first began appearing in the lands, and was implicated in the destruction of the Nox Sorora Chapterhouse.

Organized activities range from small hunts to large multi-clan efforts. There are two hunt times scheduled per zodiac.

Hunter is a member clan of the Castle Alliance.

Currently active members of Hunter include Aeol, Amberdrake, Amelia, Asren, Aylis, Gunslinger, Matt, Matthew, Melben, Omega, Razz, Rel'lim, Soul Hunter, Turalyon, Xenos, and Yharren.

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