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E'las Loth'mon Ferindril (or ELF for short) is a merry band of Sylvans dedicated to the spread of Sylvan culture in the lands of exile. The name of the clan means "Clan of the Dark Green Wood" in Ilsardinish, and members of the clan can be recognized by the emerald green symbols woven into their hair.

Like most traditional Sylvan clans, the organization of ELF is very simple: the clan is led by a Clan Lord, who guides the clan with his leadership and wisdom. All other members of the clan, though they may be bestowed with titles of honor, are considered equal.

The membership process of ELF is somewhat different from the traditional Sylvan clan. Potential members of the clan are called Hopefuls or Prentis, and they join Prentis'mon Ferindril, a clan for hopefuls. Once Prentis pass through the hopeful stage, during which they become acquainted with Sylvan customs and other members of ELF, they are inducted into the clan as full members.

Though clan membership is aimed mostly at Sylvans, members of other races are welcome to join the clan as well, so long as they share the Sylvans' deep kinship for the forest. During hunts and other activities, the clan is very open and welcomes other exiles to join and participate.

Members of E'las Loth'mon Ferindril were once very active in the lands and made numerous contributions to the Puddleby community. Most notably, they introduced the Dun'ilsar inter-clan competition to Puddleby, and organized the Beautify Puddleby Project that brought trees and flowers to our once blighted town.

The Clan Lord of ELF is Fleming. Among the clan's many members are Aime Noithar, Ayella, Dierdre, Ezail, Legoloras, Lundar, Kor'gah, Koriel Fishbind, Noa, Pluto, Santino Asellas, Vequalir, Yazza, and Zeitgeist.

Some past members of ELF include Althea, Anfyr, Astor, Delta, Hawkquill, Lorian, Magnels, Mouser, Nephilim, Okasa, Sasha, Shalyn, Xepel and Zephyr.

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