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The Beautify Puddleby Project was a project started by the clan E'las Loth'mon Ferindril. Being lovers of the forest, the members of ELF were dismayed that only shrubs and weeds grew in the muddy streets of Puddleby, and they began the project as a way to bring more greenery to Puddleby.

The clan began the campaign by creating a series of mock-up sketches, followed by a formal proposal and a poll in the voting booth. Following favorable results at the polls, a public servant by the name of Arboria Polis arrived in town, and began to collect materials to help beautify Puddleby.

Finally, shortly before the 198th Chaos Storm, a sylvan by the name of Johnny Treeseed arrived in town with a bag of magical seedlings. Wherever he sprinkled his seeds, trees and bushes grew instantly. By the time the 198th Chaos Storm hit, Puddleby was full of new trees and other foliage.

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