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Althea is a Sylvan, is female, is a Fighter, and is wearing the symbol of Pogue Mahone.

A brave fighter of Pogue Mahone, Althea is a former member of E'las Loth'mon Ferindril and Rising Claw. She is half-sister to Lunaria and sister to Fleming Er'evlei, and is known for telling bad jokes while fallen.

A brave ELF maiden she
Who fought ferociously,
And when she died,
Althea cried,
"Bad jokes? Delightfully!"

by Magnels

Althea, one fairer you'll ne'er see.
In battle she fought e'er so bravely.
Whenever she fell,
Bad jokes she would yell,
"The worse all the sooner they'll raise me!"

by Okasa

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