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Yazza is a Sylvan, is female, is a Healer, and is wearing the symbol of E'las Loth'mon Ferindril.

Yazza is a kind, but forgetful healer, and longtime member of E'las Loth'mon Ferindril. Yazza was briefly married to a sylvan by the name of Lolokon Lao before the Ripture War, but he was lost in the Great Forgetting. Later, she found her soulmate in clanmate Kor'gah, whom she traveled with on the Mainland.

Following in the footsteps of her clanmates, Dierdre and Magnels, Yazza has taken up lazy healing, training in the use of the caduceus.

The life of a healer she led,
By raising the fallen that bled.
Kind Yazza by name,
She'd often exclaim,
"Without me you'd all still be dead!"

by Magnels

As Yazza is dancing a tune,
And frolicking under the moon,
A cry for some aid,
By a fallen is made,
I know she'll be coming back soon.

by Kor'gah

portrait by Hawkquill

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