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A Sylvan healer. Well known in Puddleby, Lorian was a somewhat controversial figure.

Among her effects, she carried a dagger which she claimed was a powerful magical item. Figuring prominently in may of the stories surrounding her, the dagger may well have conferred abilities beyond the temporal. Indigo is now believed to be in possession of the dagger, although there are believed to be several copies as well. It is probably safe to assume that whatever powers the dagger did or did not have, the copies lack them.

Lorian maintained a long relationship with Fleming, Clan Lord of E'las Loth'mon Ferindril, a clan which she was also a member of. It is not believed that Lorianīs and Flemingīs relationship ever passed beyond the betrothal stage, although they were quite dedicated to each other.

Lorian was frequently troubled by memories of atrocities she believed she committed on Shan Deral. These crimes involved attempts at genocide of the Sylvan race, Lorian believed that she had been used to further the aims of the Ascendancy in this regard. Given the strong laws forbidding violence in the Ascendancy, these memories of hers must be considered carefully.

An inquest by the True and Gentle Order of Knights found that they lacked the Authority to pass judgment on Lorian, save for her granting them that power. They did however counsel her to return to the mainland on a pilgrimage to atone for her crimes. Until she performed this task, she was forbidden to carry weapons of any sort.

Following her return from Shan Deral, she became heavily involved with the Nox Sorora, to the point of becoming a Priestess of that religion.

Lorian is believed to have died in a Nox Sorora ritual.

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