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Winds of Dawn is a clan dedicated to helping new exiles and having fun together. The clan was founded by members of the Silver Drake who liked helping new exiles but were unhappy with the way the clan was being run.

At one time the Winds of Dawn was one of the most active clans in the lands, and it held many events and activities to help out newbies. The biggest of these was the Newbielympics, a competition that was open only to new exiles and was held every four puddle years. The webscrolls of the Winds of Dawn are also a great resource for new exiles.

The organization of the Winds of Dawn clan is very loose, with many offices which members can choose to fill, but with no centralized leadership.

Currently active members include Altir, Delirium, Farhope, Himitsu, Mehan, Phiros, and Tomair.

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