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The University of Puddleby is Puddleby's first public institution of higher education. Although the University has no degree program, it offers a wide range of classes, and is open to all exiles. Its mission is to "meet the changing educational needs of exiles and to promote the ideal that all exiles can learn from each other and pass on information for the benefit of all."

The University was founded on Day 57 of Winter in the Year 555 by Paranoidos (Chairman), Maeght (Vice Chairman), Connie Crete (Faculty Director), and Harper (Dean), who served as the University's Board of Directors.

The University of Puddleby was originally located in Puddleby Hollows, and consisted of just four rooms: the Lucy Fur Lecture Hall, the Maeght Research Center, a small dormitory, and the Board meeting room, though many classes took students outside the University itself, to the corners of Lok'Groton.

In the Winter of 560, an actual campus for the University was built on the edge of East Forest. There was some controversy regarding this location, as it is located nearly four snells away from town, but there it remains to this day. The new University campus consists of half a dozen classrooms, a lecture room, an indoor garden, faculty offices, and a basement, along with several other rooms, making for a very impressive structure.

Tuition for classes at the University used to cost 30 coins per class, or 150 coins for a full session (which ran about a puddle year), with financial aid available for poorer students. The majority of this money went to the lecturers, and to maintenance costs for the University. However, the University has not offered any official sessions for several years now, with the result being that most classes (when they are held at all) are free or by voluntary donation.

The University of Puddleby is also a clan which was formed by Harper, as a method of identification and a way of managing University fees. However, the University of Puddleby clan has been since done away with, and replaced with rings which are given out to staff and lecturers.

The unofficial mascot of the University is Fluffy, the three headed feral.

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