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A small pond, smothered in a vast blanket of lily pads and croaking frogs. It is a warm pond, and the constant hum of dragonflies and other small insects adds to the hypnotic atmosphere. Weeping willows mourn gracefully in the northern reaches, and the Leeches and Swamp Gas of the pond do their best to complicate travel through the shallow murk.

Against this damp is a marshy wetland of greens and browns, of caves and a gurgling stream. These caves are home to Cave Maha Ruknee and Swamp Ferals, making the low-lying strip of land a popular hunting ground for mid-level Fighters. To the east is a sandy, arid strip of land that is home to Large Sand Wurms and a variety of Crawlers.

The Lily Pond is discreetly tucked between the Tanglewood, East Field, and North Forest. A small hut to the west has a constant bubbling pot tended by occasional travelers and stoppers-by, in which the weary may alleviate hunger and take respite. Accessing the pond itself is done by hopping down from the small fishing pier that extends from the west.

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