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The Red Healing Salve is made by an alchemist from an Uli Flower, a Cluster of Mutated Spores, and a bottle of water. Only Healers who are alchemists can make this potion.

Useable only by healers, the Red Healing Salve reduces injury to any person, including those fallen beyond the healing ability of the healers at hand. The common use is on fallen exiles of any profession, in order to bring their injuries closer to the abilities of the Healers applying the salve.

The Red Healing Salve is concocted and functions similarly to the Red Healing Potion, and so this comparison is provided:

Who can administer - Potion: Anyone. Salve: Healers.
Who can benefit from it while fallen - Potion: All but Healers. Salve: Anyone.
How much it helps reduce injuries - the Potion generally provides less benefit than the Salve, though it may be that the amount of benefit is variable in both concoctions. The potions are more effective the more one has trained to improve one's physical self, either directly through trainers such as Higgrus or Histia, or indirectly.

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