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The kudzu vine is a plant that grows extremely rapidly, and though often considered a nuisance on the Mainland, exiles have found numerous uses for the plant.

The primary use of kudzu is in combat, where the vines are grown to create makeshift walls that can protect exile formations. Kudzu is also known for its relaxing properties, and some exiles have been known to smoke the weed.

The seeds of a kudzu can survive for years until planted, and are often stored in specially made kudzu bags, which can store up to 10 seedlings.

Because of its usefulness, kudzu seedlings are sought after by adventuring parties, and Kudzu Farming is a good way for newer exiles to make some coin. Though kudzu can be found occasionally growing wild in the forests of Lok'groton, the majority of seedlings come from the hands of exiles.

Recently, several new varieties of kudzu were discovered growing on Lok'groton. These new kudzu variants are known as Moon-Zu?, Earth-Zu?, and Sun-Zu?, and can be distinguished from normal kudzu by their color. Mystics are currently investigating these new species of kudzu.


The Origin of Kudzu, as conveyed by Colombe?, and retold by Healery and Maenygh?

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