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OOC Warning!

Game Masters are players and developers of Clan Lord that have been given special powers to help develop the game world and run storylines. Game Masters can usually be distinguished from regular players by the suffix "GM" which is appended to the end of their names. Players caught impersonating a GM can face serious consequences.

Because Game Masters help run storylines, they are most often encountered in the guise of special characters within the game. These special characters should be treated in-character. Players needing to contact a GM can try /praying to see if any are on, or contact them by e-mail. Game Masters do not usually respond to frivolous requests.

Some of the Game Masters of Clan Lord include:

Ann GM
Client GM
Eldon GM
Helpful GM
Helpful Human
Jafo GM
Joe GM
Michel GM
Pengy GM
Small GM
Tinker GM
Watson GM

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