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Every full moon, an ancient magic permeates the Orga Camp, as the Orga Magician performs an ancient ritual there. Those few exiles to witness the full ceremony watched in wonder as the Orga Magician and his Orga Warlock followers perform a dance of lightning bolts, culminating in the teleportation of the Orga Warlocks by ones and twos, and ending at midnight with the teleportation of the Orga Magician himself.

On such days, Mystics will often organize expeditions into the camps, known as Full Moon Orga Camp Raids, or FMOCRs. The slaying of the Orga Magician before he completes the ceremony leads to the opening of the hidden Stone Glade, from which Full Mystics can obtain a strange looking stone. The first Mystic who succeeded in obtaining such a teleportation stone during an FMOCR was Robin Greyhawk.

FMOCRs typically last for 2-4 puddle hours, and involve travelling through the four Orga Camps by going through various mystic illusions and paths. Because the deeper Orga Camps are guarded by large numbers of Warlocks, having strong healers acting as lightning rods is an invaluable strategy.

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