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Also known as Fire Island, Devil's Island is a small island just to the west of Puddleby Island. It is a very difficult island to navigate (devilishly difficult, one might say), and is home to an active volcano. Fire Drakes are known to make their home in the crater of the central volcano, and they have carried off exiles from Puddleby to feed their young.

The long trip to save those unfortunate exiles and the confusing terrain often frustrate experienced exiles, and thus Devil's Island is rarely hunted in present times. But for those in their younger years of exile, the island can be a fascinating place to explore. Those with sharp eyes will find secret caves and hidden passages nearly everywhere, and DI's fauna, while it can be dangerous, is tame compared to that of other nearby islands.

The mysterious Voolcon also make their home in the inner passes of Devil's Island. These interior passes are accessible by passing through the twisting, mazelike McBolie Cavern.

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