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A powerful, magical artefact of a different world.

The following excerpt of a lost scroll have been preserved:

"The council discussed the loss of their influence and decided they had to act against it for the good of the lands. The council had to act quickly, and with only the most necessary research they created a strong artefact: The Arindal. With the Arindal, the council wanted to clean the world from evil, and make their position clear to all races. It was a good plan. We did not want to live with monsters surrounding us, so we welcomed the Arindal. And it would have worked well, if the council of the enemies had not created a powerful artefact of their own, to work against the powers of the Arindal."

"The war changed everything our world changed completely. In the middle of the war, this catastrophe made the earth react to the powers of the Arindal and the other artefact. The result were earthquakes, huge floods and eruptions. Our cities were destroyed, whole civilisations extinct. In a last struggle the council moved the Arindal, and they used all their energy to transfer the Arindal into a safe cave and to change its power. From then on, the artefact that was intended to destroy evil was an artefact that preserved life."

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