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Aurelie is a Sylvan, is female, is a Healer, and is wearing the symbol of the Circle of the Wild Geese.

Before being exiled, Aurelie served briefly as a sort of priestess/physician to a noble house during the Ascendancy. Her master saw it as a symbol of status and wealth to own slaves from distant lands, though she was generally treated well. She was sold into "indentured servitude" by the Ascendancy when her small tribe was conquered, and has no knowledge of what became of her mother and sisters (though she assumes them to be dead). She does not carry many of the noble traits that her age or Sylvan lineage would suggest, though she is fluent in the Sylvan tongue.

After her exile for saving the life of a stranger (Sawyer, after a political assassination turned sour) contrary to the will of her master, Aurelie was sent to the Lok'Groton island chain to live out the rest of her days. During the course of her many years in exile, she has blossomed into an accomplished healer, working with the clans Safari and Open Hands, though she swears she's still trying to pass the third-circle test.

In Spring of 624, Aurelie—together with Largo—formed The Circle of the Wild Geese. The Wild Geese are a clan dedicated to the exuberance of adventure, the joy of community, and the satisfaction of helping those in need.

She is holding a moonstone and a knight's shield, and she is wearing a sungem, a sylphstone ring, a long braid down her back, a pin-on tail, a shirt, a cincture, a skirt and a pair of shoes. (She bears the mark of a Priestess on her left shoulder.)

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