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The boomerang is a curved piece of wood with a misleading reputation. Many exiles believe that a boomerang will come back to them once thrown: in truth, this curved weapon will merely fly in endless, forever widening circles until it hits something, be it someone's unsuspecting skull, a fence or an innocent scavenger bird. While it is pretty much useless as a weapon, the boomerang still holds much appeal as a recreational device. It takes practice to be an expert with one, and it is considered very elegant to crunch a rat with a thrown boomerang rather than a club. Pointless, but elegant.

Once a fad, the boomerang has since fallen into obscurity. However, fans of this intriguing item firmly believe that the boomerang will become popular once more (conveniently forgetting that the boomerang itself is physically incapable of "coming full circle", let alone in theory).

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Page last modified on January 14, 2023, at 09:14 PM