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Back on the main continent, I was a cook in the canteen of a mining camp at the base of a mountain. Mostly Dwarves worked there, but there were some Zos too. At the top of the mountain was a ski resort, where the rich and famous went for skiing and snowboarding.

One day, there was an incident with a nasty outsider. I guess he must have been some high-up bureaucrat of the Emperor or something. Anyway, he had just come down from his skiing trip and decided that he wanted a cup of cocoa and insisted that the canteen make one for him even immediately though we were in the middle of preparing the meal for the next mining shift to arrive. I was the shift boss at the time and just told one of my assistants to pour out a cup from the dregs of one of the urns from the last shift and give it to him, just to get rid of him.

Of course, he complained that it was cold and rancid and sent it back. So to warm it up, I spat in it and passed it around for everyone else to spit in too. Then I served it back. Then he complained that his cocoa now tasted like beer and there was too much foam. By now, I was completely fed up, so I just ordered a couple of nearby Zo miners to rough him up and throw him out. He left making all kinds of threats, which I didn't take seriously.

Maybe I should have, because last thing I remember after finishing my shift was waking up on the ship to Puddleby. There was already a diner here and cooks weren't really needed, so I decided to become a healer. My style is still the canteen cook rather than the elegant chef, I like using just the basic moonstone instead of other spiffy healer tools, and have also learned as much fighting skills as I can.

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