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The Clan of the Little People has as its mission protecting those of shorter stature, as well as our newer exiles. There has also been talk of trying to join the Castle Alliance. Although there are still a number of members active, the clan has fallen into inactivity. An attempt by Shrub to revive the clan succeeded in bringing more members in, but did not result in any noticable clan activities.

Membership is not restricted to only those of shorter stature. However, exiles who are not Little People have to understand one of the Little People languages (Halfling or Dwarven).

Some members of the clan are Bir Guzzyl, Juren, Oberon, Legoloras, Esa, Donk, Lumpnose, Joly, Zero-X?, and Gog.

Algernon was once the most well-known member of the Clan of the Little People, but is no longer in the clan.

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