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Often referred to simply as "The Temple," the Crystal Temple is arguably the most important structure in Town Center, or even in broader Puddleby. It is a spacious building, with an ancient tile floor long-overgrown by vines.

Its primary function is as vessel of the Altar, which rests against its northern wall. Besides simply bearing the Altar, this role entails catching the bodies and spirits called by the Altar as they pass back into our plane from Purgatory or during a Chaos Storm.

The Crystal Temple is also home to three trainers:

These three have been residents in the Crystal Temple for many many moons, and are fixtures of the town. Ankrus?, who offers insights into students' progress on whatever lesson they're studying, also resides here.

During late Winter of 549 through mid-Spring, the Crystal Temple was flooded by water welling up from below. The floor in the northeast corner eventually collapsed, taking Spirtus with it. ThoomCare Media had ongoing coverage of the flooding:

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