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Drakes are the undisputed kings of the natural world. Most Drakes resemble large lizards, and have powerful wings and beautiful scales. All variety of drakes are capable of flight (in fact, this is the primary distinction between Drakes and Wyrms), and most breathe fire. Any experienced exile knows to stay on their toes when the piercing screech of a drake is heard.

Elenis Reyav, in a discussion with Michael Aridfox some years ago, expressed his belief that Drakes were seeking things that would bring them closer to being true Dragons. Magic was one of these attractors, including the forms of Magic practiced by Mystics.

More recently, Sunblaze and Harper have led efforts to communicate with Drakes, including studying what is believed to be a Draconic language. These attempts usually are cut short, as any appearance of a Drake near town is quickly met with a rush of Fighters who quickly slay the Drake.


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