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Between the high-climbing peaks and rocky, rugged terrain, the Passes are the passages through the eastern range of mountains. From the East Forest, there are three passes, which are usually known as North Pass, Midpass, and South Pass.

At each of these three passes is a well, around which tribes of Wendecka congregate. The passes continue deep into the mountains, through the Greymyr Village and several Hot Springs.

The passes are notorious for their unstable composition, and small rocks will often come tumbling down from a slope high above. Because of this constant shifting of the land, iron ore is frequently uncovered. The areas safest from falling rocks are the areas in which Wendeckas and Bloodhawks gather.

There are several Wendecka breeding grounds in the passes, and if a body of water is found it is almost certain that large quantities of Wendecka are nearby. The Bloodhawk Rookery is found to the northeast.

Many parts of the passes can only be accessed by squeezing between rocks, stepping across quickly sliding gravel, or by easing along a narrow ledge. Often, these paths cannot be seen without some training.

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