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The first of the three housing complexes in or near Puddleby town, the Hollows is constructed in the southeast region of Town Center. Though its main feature is apartments for rent, it also has a small furniture shop with a rotating collection of wares.

The Hollows apartments come in three sizes to accommodate their varied customers. All sizes are entirely unfurnished and have wooden flooring.

The smallest size is a half room (divided by a thin wall from its twin) which costs 250 coins plus 25 coins seasonally. It is a good starter apartment, but they do not come especially well-maintained and are prone to infestation by co'acha?.

A full room costs 850 coins plus 80 coins seasonally. These tend to be better maintained, and there is little likelihood of any pest infestation.

The largest size offered is a full room connected to a smaller adjacent room (good for a bedroom or private space if you are entertaining visitors in your main space). This size is guaranteed free of co'acha or rats, and the cost reflects the more luxurious accommodations. The initial cost is 2000 coins, plus 200 more seasonally.

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