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Once aPun a midnight dreary While I was weak and weary

Longing to stop roaming around And find a little outpost town

I wandered over hill and dale And sought, searched to no avail

Suddenly while sailing on the mighty sea I spotted the island o’Puddleby

Make no mistake I thought my eyes deceived me Could this be my haven, could it be?

I entered the town a little bit shy And gazed all around at the town and sky

What a wonder what excitement A town full of fun and enticement

Fighters and Healers and Mystics oh my Even a gooey orga eye

All the commotion when fallens were dragged Hearing of who fought, fell and tagged

All of the sudden it was clear to see Puddleby was the place for me

Here I fought, slept and did sit Longing to get in a Feral hit

Along the way with a good deal of help Came the day I heard the Feral yelp

Wow, yippee and hooray Came another special day

But one thing Puddleby has shown You can never ever do it alone

You have those wonderful exiles around Who help and teach you their kindness abounds

From Geotzou the fighter, to Kazik the healer, to Ansset the mystic, and all pealers

There are many others I’d like to mention But by the time I finished I’d collect my pension

The unsung heroes of this merry little space Are also found all over the place

Waiting to pounce on you with no warning Attacking at night, at noon, or at morning

But, we always get them one way or another With a few strong fighters, or with a large fighter smother

Yes I speak of the monsters and creatures Who pop up at times like mean teachers

To remind us that no matter what is the case That Puddleby once was solely their place

Now we must share this island with all Have a great life and have a great fall

This is my tale this is my story Onward I fight for the guts and the glory.

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