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The name "rodding" is taken from the common lightning rod, and is the act of attracting and quickly dissipating the effects of an attack. It was originally devised as a tactic for dealing with gangs of Orga Warlocks. It is typically done with three or four healers, one designated as 'point'. The point takes all the hits by being the closest target. The support healers concentrate their healing on the point and themselves. Depending on the distribution of the overall rod's healers, the point may rotate. A rod is considered stable when the healers can hold all the lightning being thrown at them without the risk of falling.

The fighting force kills everything behind the rod, being careful not to attract lightning bolts. This can be a time of great confusion. Fighters should be attentive to creatures that are likely to attack the rod. The rod point typically calls the shots in this situation; when to move, where to move to and when to retreat.

In recent years, the term has been applied to healers who absorb the blows of creatures while fighters attack. Rodding is sometimes also done solo, without support healers.

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