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The following is an account of the final confrontation with Rowl, written by Kani:

''SDC gathered a group to hunt down Rowl, and many others from a diverse range of clans joined them in this hunt. The hunting of South KI took several hours, as it was absolutely packed and teeming with rabid lyfelidae.

The tree drops happened without a hitch, and the group gathered at the whirlpool. Rowl had been sensed at the glacier, so the group swarmed towards the northeast. We were met head-on by an army of lyelidae, mostly made up of the Snow variety. A few Tae-Sus were mixed in.

We fought vigilantly and with many retreats to the edge of the whirlpool, attempting to gain a foothold into the glacier. Rowl continued to summon more and more lyfes, attempting to overwhelm our fighting force.

Those of us who were lyfed could sense, for brief moments, what Rowl was doing or his emotions. Rincewind could perceive more distinct images with the lyfed exiles gathered around him.

As we became more entrenched in the glacier, we felt Rowl weakening. All of the summoning he had been doing took a lot out of him. At one point Rincewind said that he saw an image of Rowl leaning against a tree, exhausted.

As that first sn'ell became clear, Rowl was sensed digging in at the top of the glacier. After securing the first snowy snell and planting kudzu in case of disaster, we advanced -- and met with disaster. On the next snell we were met by what must have been hundreds of lyfes, pouring in at us from all directions. We tried to beat a hasty retreat, but the group was battered, and some fallens were left behind. Those who were left returned to the kudzu fortress, but were unable to keep the entrance closed. Lyfes poured in, and all but Sor eventually fell.

Some of us departed and brought with us new comrades to help defeat Rowl. The new party came through the cove entrance to the cave network and fought their way to the whirlpool rather quickly. The conditions on south KI were considerably more normal than they had been earlier.

As the rescue group met up with what was left of the original party and recovered those fragments of the group that had been left behind in the melee, we learned that Rowl was waiting to spring a new trap in the passage leading to the ice rink.

Lister bravely volunteered to spring this trap, and did so successfully, making it back to the main force without sustaining heavy injuries. He brought with him a considerable force of lyfelidae, but they were no match for the combined fighters and healers that had come to do battle.

Slowly, we fought our way to the steep hillside. Here the group split in two, and one fought at the entrance to the rink area. The other held the hill sn'ell. As the rink area became more clear, the group became one again and advanced. Some even took the time to iceskate on the beautiful natural rink. As we were doing this, Rowl rushed past, heading west in a hurry. SnowLion managed to get a powerful hit in on him, but he slew her in return before dashing.

We chained our fallens and pursued, but were at first bewildered as to where he went. Before we went looking for him, we recovered those who had been lost near the rink. Then we discovered that he was waiting outside the icy cave entrance, some new lyfes fresh-summoned to assist him.

When we were ready to engage him, we attempted to zu off his exit into the cave. Though he staggered a bit from exhaustion, he managed to slip through our zu anyway. We plunged after him and used a favorite tactic (surround and pound) to keep him busy while we closed off the exits.

After the massive amounts of energy he'd expended trying to slow us down, he was weak. When surrounded, he quickly fell to the many sharp blades stabbing his way. He dropped the gem from Groar!'s statue as he died.''

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