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The second smallest type of Scarmis, the Queen is proof that big is not always better. She is nimble and fierce, and despite the ever-present attendants, she fends for herself without difficulty.

Sheathed in a tough purple exoskeleton and armed with sharp claws, she is a difficult foe in combat. When she tires of using her legs, or if she simply can't reach, she will spit deadly burning acid at fairly frequent intervals.

Scarmis Queens are the most important Scarmis in any Scarmis Pit and lay the renowned Scarmis Egg, a key ingredient in Luminescent Salves. Queens dominate their Hives by use of pheremones, and each Queen has a chamber secreted from the rest of the Hive. Note: Occasionally, more than one Queen will share a chamber. This is unusual, however, since they are not likely to tolerate the presence of a competitor.

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