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(The page is muddy and stained with amber liquid)

I ain't much at th' whole writin' thing, so's someone what knew better agreed ta right this down fer me. I's just a humble dorf, formerly one o' those what works in Melly's mines. Mam and Dad was too, but they's on now ta the Gold Mine in th' Great Deep.

Now I ain't much at th' storytellin' thing, so's I'll be keepin' this shorts. Life drankin' beer 'n' working long hours in the mines be great, but workin' for Melly ain't so much funs when them Tok'hans be huntin' your famblies. So's I left an struck out me own, fell in with thems in Puddleby. 'fore long Suh Hekus be pressin' a moonstone in me grubby hands and be tellin' me hows I'm a natural.

Then 'bouts I met Miz Rue, a skinny lass who was needin' me new skills. Since thens, I spends most o' me time with th' bloody lass tendin' ta her needs. I keeps contact with them miners what still works in Melly's an they smuggles metals out for me t' sells ta thems what wants 'em in Puddleby.

(The page is torn here)

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