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A solitary Fen'neko that makes his home on the snowbound area of the Cloud, and who is the only known maker of mittens. Smitty is a study of contrasts. While injured exiles are welcome to stagger inside of his warm hut and heal, if they happen to fall at his doorstep he will repeatedly pelt them with snowballs, seemingly oblivious to their plight. Should an exile be interested in obtaining a pair of mittens, he will run them through a marathon, asking them to fetch item after item. Once they've delivered a steaming cup of tea into his greedy mitts (along with several other things), this audacious Fen will then offer to SELL mittens to the poor soul. As if they hadn't spent enough on him already!

Since the glacier appears to be devoid of dye-producing berries and sheep, it has been speculated^ that Smitty uses the hair of his victims to first weave the mittens, and then uses their blood as dye.

^by one very biased individual

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