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(ooc contact: wangahrah AT gmail DOT com )

Wangah Rah is a Mystic who at first glance appears to be a sylvan. A closer look reveals his extremely dark complexion, which seems to indicate he is some other variety of creature closely related to sylvan.

Wangah Rah is primarily interested in the Orga. He's been taken captive by them several times, and claims to have been held in the orga stronghold. He firmly believes the Orga are out to get him, as the result of a failed summoning experiment with Merlisk many puddleyears ago. He will warn any who listen that Bartok is alive and well, and soon planning on returning to cause trouble.

His secondary interest include the art of summoning, of which he has had much success (though sadly things usually turn for the worse, resulting in the destruction of town through accidently summoned AMS, cobras, or Hatreds).

He is also a fully trained ethereal scholar and willing to discuss his knowledge on the subject and his many dealings with the now little-seen 'Brion brothers.

Wangah Rah is a member of the Pirates of Lok'Groton, and holds the esteemed postion of Captain's Memory for the forgetful Captain Stinkfist. He is also a Bard.

He is often seen in town in his flowing grey cloak and bard belt, scribbling notes in or casting small spells from his notebook.

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