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The Brewery is located in West Puddleby, and is the place to go for exiles wanting to purchase alcohol. The Brewery is run by the dwarf Darin Brure, and has all kinds of beer, sold by the keg.

The Brewery also expanded recently to include a vintnery(much to the objection of dwarves, who don't consider wine to be real alcohol), and exiles can purchase a variety of wines and spirits, sold by the bottle.

While many brews and spirits are available for sale at all times of the year, some concoctions--wheat beer?, tangleberry cordial?, and the award-winning honey ale--are not available from the brewery, and are available only from an exile brewer

Particularly sought-after is brambleberry beer, a very difficult recipe which can be made only under the supervision of the wandering brewmistress Patti Sprin, who spends most of her time wandering the forests looking for ingredients, and returns to the brewery about every four years to supervise exiles in brewing the unusual green beer.

Exiles wanting to make their own alcoholic beverages can learn how to do so under the tutelage of Bruia Stout, who teaches the ancient Dwarven art of Brewing. Jorge sells brewing bags which are convinient for storing the many ingredients necessary for brewing.

Finally, like many establishments in Puddleby, the Brewery offers gift certificates that can be used towards purchases at the Brewery. Brewery gift certificates can be purchased from Serto, and they make great gifts for any dwarf.

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