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Brewing is the process of making alcoholic beverages from yeast and other ingredients. While it is unclear who was the first to discover how to brew alcohol, it was the Dwarves who honed the craft to a fine art.

Exiles can learn how to brew their own alcoholic beverages by taking lessons from Bruia Stout in the Brewery. There are a number of beers, wines, and spirits that exiles can learn to make, though some are harder to learn than others.

Stout is the easiest to make, and most exiles can brew their own after 10 sessions with Bruia. After 20 lessons, most exiles can expect to be able to brew beer, wheat beer?, and red wine?. Lager, white wine?, and cognac? are slightly more difficult, and require 30 lessons.

Ale is one of the most difficult drinks to make, and takes 40 of Bruia's lessons to master. The specialty brews(tangleberry cordial?, honey ale, and brambleberry beer) can only be made by exiles who have truly mastered the art of Brewing.

Brewing is not an easy skill to master, but many exiles find learning the craft worthwhile. Skilled brewers are always in demand before parties and other special occaisions that require the finest ales.

cask of nut brown ale: 1 bundle barley, 1 clump hops, 1 yeast, 1 togron nut?. Cost: 20c

cask of black ale: 3 bundles barley, 3 clumps hops, 1 yeast. Cost: 50c

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