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The control room is a cavern located near the center of the Flying Island or Dark Cloud. Inside there is curious ancient machinery, including two prominent circles of glowing energy that mystics can use to control the movement of the Cloud. Energizing the purple circle moves the cloud towards the purple portal, while powering the green circle moves the cloud towards the green portal.

Besides the two energy circles, there are a number of bookshelves located in the control room, presumably left there by the creators of the Cloud. A number of the books remain partially intact, but exiles have yet to decipher the unusual triangular script used. There is a display that allows exiles to know the exact location of the Cloud if they are able to translate the symbols. The same curious script can be seen within the abandoned alchemy laboratory on the North side of the Cloud.

The cavern that the control room is located in is highly unstable, and large portions of the cavern roof collapse from time to time. Exiles wishing to explore the control room are advised to bring along a healer and a shovel.

Daangrus Diggins has finished digging a hole through the base of the Cloud, allowing exiles to look down at Puddleby Island below from the "safety" of the control room.

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