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Rarely found in the shallows, Culcans are massive oceanic creatures suited for lengthy sea struggles. Their arrow-shaped heads are not used for attack; rather, two of their ten tentacles are stronger and longer than the rest and are always used for capture and neutralisation.

These tentacles, and indeed all of a Culcan's tentacles, are used in strangulation of their prey and predators. Suction cups lining the tentacles allow them to attach to and perforate enemies. When they are found in the shallow waters, particularly the sub-tropical and tropical waters around islands such as Gungla and Dal'Noth, they will attempt to capsize and submerge ships and rowboats.

Culcans are extremely swift, as they squirt jets of water to propel and maneuver themselves through the currents. They range from deep blue, to pale white, to forest green in colour, and are generally a mottled compromise between these shades.

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