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Little is known of the Dark Sentinels. They are believed to be magical constructs of some sort, and appear to be in some fashion bound to the mental will of Emperor Mobius. They are either indestructible or nearly so; there are no reports or even rumors of one being defeated in combat.

Their apparent first use in combat was at the Battle of Tears?, wherein Mobius's Alliance? (which later became the Ascendancy) defeated the Darshak Theocracy. Interestingly, Mobius used his human armies to distract the main body of the Cult's force while his constructs chewed through the army's rear elements. The casualties were incredibly high on both sides, but when the battle was over, Mobius's Dark Sentinels were untouched. [1]

It is interesting to note that Mobius's tactic sacrificed the lives of numerous human soldiers, when a simple frontal attack by the Sentinels would presumably have resulted in a far less bloody victory. This tactic has led to extensive speculation concerning both the nature of the Dark Sentinels and the morals of the Emperor, and may be the ultimate root of the widespread belief of Mobius's madness.

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