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Darkus is a Ghorak Zo, is male, and is a Fighter Trainer.

Darkus teaches his students to strike more forcefully. Larger even than most Ghorak Zo, he is a pinnacle of dynamic strength. His arms, neck, and legs bulge with chiseled musculature; it has been said that his example has inspired many students to train. Choosing much less drab attire than his fellow trainers, Darkus is outfitted in an intense red that serves to reinforce his impressive appearance.

Darkus' training is the key element in increasing one's damage capability. However, dishing out such powerful blows eventually takes its toll on one's balance. Swengus and Regia are commonly used to negate this effect, and even further enhance Darkus' destructive power.

Darkus' lessons have meant that many wild creatures have suffered through life more briefly than they would have otherwise. He teaches from the second hall of the Fighter Guild Hall.

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