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Diotima is a Human, is female, is a Mystic, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.

Much is unknown about Diotima's life prior to arriving in Puddleby. It is said that she is the offspring of a forbidden Human and Sylvan union. Diotima was raised by her sister Kendra prior to the Ripture War and both survived the ordeal.

Diotima is most notably known for her exceptional clairvoyance and sunstone tuning expertise, as well as the ability to dispel illusions from the unknowing eye. With the new found blessings the Moon has given Diotima, the true nature of her current abilities is unknown.

Diotima's abilities are derived from her complex emotional output. Most followers of the Sun focus on logic and the mind. Diotima has bridged the gap between emotions and the mind allowing her to channel her empathic abilities to those most in need.

Diotima can often been seen with Afrit at her side.

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