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Within their zodiac skull circles in the Ethereal Plane, the Brion brothers have each hidden one piece of the six pieces of equipment from a mighty warrior. These include an Ethereal Sword, Ethereal Boots, Ethereal Belt, Ethereal Helmet, Ethereal Shield and Ethereal Plate armor.

The Brions take great pains to keep these pieces of equipment separated and carefully hidden, and seem to fear them individually and especially collectively. It is not clear whether they took these pieces from an actual Ethereal Warrior, or whether they fear one who can reassemble and wield all six pieces.

After a Puddleday outside the Ethereal Plane, these pieces of equipment vanish from our plane and reappear in the Ethereal Plane. While any piece is outside the Ethereal Plane, a repeated attack on the appropriate Guardian of the Box yields no box or item, suggesting that only unique pieces of this equipment exist.

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