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In order to defeat Rowl, exiles consulted with the witch Fat Alice, who assured that she knew quite a bit about Rowl. Fat Alice offered exiles a book that she claimed would help slay Rowl for the exorbitant price of 225,000 coins. Exiles paid up, purchasing the book page by page.

Once the complete book was purchased, exiles had to figure out what it said, since the entire tome was written in code. Here is the original text from the book:

Page 1: ow ev nm ww pc ek pn cm eh nf wo tr xb ch ny ya az ow ro nm oy
Page 2: ar ko cg vy ge my ac nm ke mp yn ao nw we us tr tz ao fg ar vy
Page 3: ue mg sr cs ym za wr ab ek fw er nk pl mq tz iq qe mp he we zs
Page 4: zp la eh rt kq ar ob sr my sr ge my yn wc wl co az ow ro zp ar
Page 5: an sr fx sr ie zo ok ac nm os on we ao nw we gy ef ky nm ky na
Page 6: ry ag ir mf vy ue bm qm cs tz ow ro rp el nk ye wy oy hp at et
Page 7: me lw iq qy ys hp ow ev mu pr or pn oq nm nm ky pa yr sr ic vg
Page 8: bw vg al ow ro nm ae qm al go wb my sr uc ea ab vg so ea vy xx
Page 9: g r o w l

Exiles were eventually able to translate the book (most of the translation was done by the exile Vata), and exiles were able to learn more about Rowl's past. The translated text read:

"Rowl the violent first born and bitter"
"Groar the peaceful last of the litter"
"Rowl in anger ate all of the kits"
"Groar fled away by using his wits"
"Rowl hungers and searches the last to devour"
"Groar unearthed the source of their power"
"Rowl takes the strength of all of his kin"
"Groar only sleeping may save his skin"
"Rowl ignorant with the stone he could rule"
"Groar the wise guards the powerful jewel."

Much to the irritation of many exiles, the book did not provide any hints on how to slay Rowl, who was defeated by brute force in the end.

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