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A bird made of fire, magically reborn from its own ashes when it dies (sometime also referred to as a Phoenix).

The only known example of this creature was found and carried as an egg by the monk Sutai's. Sutai's former clanmate Aki (a member of the Puddlebean Ornithological Society at the time), felt that Sutai was not taking proper care of the egg, and challenged him to a battle of wits for possession of the egg.

However, during the course of the contest, the egg hatched, releasing a conflagrant bird that set fire to anything it touched. Alarmed exiles began attacking the bird, who responded by setting everyone on fire and attempting to flee. The great bird was “killed” by Gurgi and others despite the vocal objections of many present. In a burst of light and flame, the Fenix rose from its own ashes, and fled Puddleby, though not before setting fire to several of the guard towers and the keep of the reclusive Baron Vonkessi.

The Fenix has not been seen since.

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