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Fire Drakes are the elder, mightier relatives of the Forest Drakes that can be found in the forests and fields surrounding Puddleby. They are of gargantuan build, and can be identified by their glistening red scales, wings, and a tendency to breathe fire. They are known to be reclusive and highly intelligent, and do not hold exiles in high esteem.

One such drake, Gerag, lived in a lair at the southeast tip of the East Forest. Since he was slain, his old haunt has been filled by Slime Monsters.

The other known Drake Den is in the volcano of Devil's Island, nestled deep past the passes. To find your way in, a mystic who can see past illusions is necessary. Drakes from this den have been known to make raids on town, spitting flame and roasting a few exiles before bringing them back to the den as feed for their young.

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