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Gorvin is a RankDroid, is male, is a Champion, and is wearing the symbol of Maximum Rankage.

Gorvin originates from the distant planet Xnarcon VII. A once peaceful world, Xnarcon VII had become enslaved by the evil Lord Vegnod nearly 200 years ago. However, a group of rebels formed and began working on a secret weapon, codenamed "Gorvin". This "weapon" was the 14th revision of the RankDroid model, a series of battle droids that constantly seek to increase their combat prowess through experience. The rebels were eventually discovered and wiped out by Lord Vegnod's army, but not before Gorvin was completed and fired off in a spaceship to begin increasing his power in secret.

Many years passed, but eventually the spaceship crash-landed in Puddleby, where Gorvin first awoke. Gorvin was at first confused, with only one thing preprogrammed into his memory: that he must acquire knowledge and power until he becomes the strongest warrior in the universe, and then return to his homeworld and defeat the evil Lord Vegnod.

In his quest for strength, Gorvin joined Puddleby's Fighter guild in order to learn from the masters of combat. Gorvin practiced their lessons constantly by fighting the monsters of the Lok'Groton, and became one of their strongest students.

Most of Gorvin's emotion chips were damaged in his crash-landing, leaving him with only anger and hatred. This has led to him learning to despise the inhabitants of Puddleby, often seeming silent and distant to those around him, as he contemplates ways to destroy them. However, he tolerates their presence because he is able to learn much more quickly by joining forces with them to hunt.

Eventually Gorvin became a Champion in order to become a more versatile warrior. From Channel Master, Gorvin learned to focus the power of Atkite and Darkite minerals into his emotion chips, and to use his anger and hatred to fight with more deadly attacks. From Toomeria, he also learned to power a Shieldstone through his internal power reserves.

Gorvin has earned ledgers from Atkia, Balthus, Bodrus, Darkus, Detha, Erthron, Evus, Forvyola, and Swengus.

Having not yet become the most powerful warrior in the universe, Gorvin continues on his quest.

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