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Harper is a Sylvan, is female, and is a Healer.

She is a co-founder of the University of Puddleby and its first Dean.

In 593, Harper assisted the Mystic Whirlwind on her Cloud mapping expeditions.

Through these excursions, Whirlwind was able to find the village occupied by the Windspinner Forsythia. While the name of the Village has gravitated in common usage towards the Ensconcement Village, Harper wanted to name it Whirlwind's Landing in honor of her colleague's discovery. Captain Stinkfist however rallied for calling the Village Piratsconsin, because of the critical role the Pirates played in exploring and securing the area -- not to mention all the gold they used to extend the protective wall on the north side of the village. Duri, a feisty dwarf who actually lived in the village, thought it should be named Duri's Digs.

Whirlwind's achievement in discovering the Ensconcement Village was honored by the gods as she was identified as the first Skymystic.

During their explorations of all things Cloud, Harper and Whirlwind found a mysterious cipher in the Cloud Laboratory. After years of labor, they finally cracked the diabolically clever and complicated code and discovered a private message from the mysterious Cloud mage to someone who they believe to be his lady love. Other ciphers of this kind were found in an underground chamber in some ruins in the northern border of the Ensconcement protected by an illusion.

Harper is also aunt to Moonlight.

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