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Jade is the True sister of Pixy, the great bard. Jade and Pixy came to Puddleby searching for their father. After many years of searching, they finally found the remains of their father in the bottom of a dark cavern, perfectly preserved inside a frozen Sand Wurm. The news drove Jade and Pixy's mother insane and she killed herself to be with him. Before her passing she handed over the secrets of her ways to her daughters, making them the first and original witches of Puddleby.

While looking for their father, Jade and Pixy met their cousin, Newton, who had also been exiled. Since they have no where else to go, and they had more family here than anywhere else, Jade and Pixy decided to stay. Pixy started the Bards Guild in Puddleby, but has now retired, making only rare visits to the land.

Jade walked with friends, but with no family for a long time. Finally one day she was helping some new exiles in the land, and she fell in love... Viola is her name. After a long courting period they finally got married. Jade and Viola started the clan Sisters of the Sun to promote the overall wellfare of Puddleby.

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